Great White North

reinstalled Dec. 31, 2020

Since the World Jewellery Museum opened in 2004, it has been recognized internationally as one of the world’s top five jewelry destinations. Over the years we have presented one of world’s most comprehensive collections of jewelry in our exhibitions using innovative display techniques to explore the interconnectedness of cultures and our shared human identity. This year we are pleased to introduce a new addition to the permanent collection thanks to the generosity of philanthropist and jewelry collector Nancy Ruth who gifted to the museum significant works by Canada's eminent sculptors and jewelry designers. It is the only permanent display of contemporary Canadian jewelry outside North America including such artists as Maryon Kantaroff, Nancy Meek Pocock, E.B. Cox, Gabriel Lucas, Simon Wroot, and Marilene Morency. These exceptional examples of the jewelry of our time tell the story of the heights and depths of human experience from diverse perspectives. The wealth of creativity and craftsmanship possessed by the artists comes from a lifelong dedication to excellence and visionary ideas. Although small in scale the works create a dynamic impact because they contain the essential ingredient to empower our hearts.