Art is Where the Heart is : Huh Dong Hwa

Oct. 21, 2016 - Jan. 13, 2017

About fifty years ago Huh Dong Hwa made the decision to dedicate his life to preserving the jogakbo (Korean patchwork) and embroidered art of ancestral Korean women whose refined and delicate touches are stitched through the traditional textiles. He searched high and low for the embroidered art all over the country, and his collection eventually became the Museum of Korean Embroidery. His inexhaustible energy knew no bounds. When he reached the age of 70, he embarked on his artistic career fully armed with his creative spirit. Fueled by his lifelong passion for this planet, he transformed discarded old farm equipment into “eco-patchwork” of sculptures, which was followed by a new vision of fragmented antique textiles combined with acrylic paint expressing an abstract world of fanthomless depth. As he celebrated his 90th year, Huh gave a new spin to his wheel of inspiration which guided him to the world of jewelry. His new work is an enormous production which features the gems from earth’s inner flesh such as amber, lapis lazuli, jade, and amethyst, unleashing their playful energy on the round or square dance floor made from colorful acrylics. These 500 brooches will soon dance their way into so many people’s hearts, creating exceptional joy for the wearers and the viewers. The contagious, multi-colored optimism of Huh Dong Hwa’s brooches is a celebration of freedom and an expansion of self-expression, in a world where jewelry loses its exclusiveness to one sex or age.