Masterpieces with Painted Jewels

Sept. 21, 2016 - Dec. 11, 2016

Many of the famous Western paintings ranging from the early Renaissance art to Modern art are characterized by splendid depiction of jewelry which gives us great insight of the understanding of the work. Rich with symbolism, cultural and historical references, and artist’s sublime creativity, the jewelry, clothing and hairstyles are meticulously rendered in detail according to contemporary fashion which enhance the aesthetic beauty and also suggest a keen sense of the subject’s individuality. Many great artists of the Renaissance started off their careers in goldsmith workshops to receive artistic training which is evident in the excellent depiction of jewelry in their work. The jewelry in situ context as the ones we see in the paintings provide clues to uncover the intriguing hidden meaning behind the work. ”Masterpieces with Jewels” invites the viewers to take on the role of a story teller and to create their own story about the paintings with a particular focus on the jewelry and how it fits into their story. Through these interpretations, viewers draw their own emotions and pull from their personal experiences to their engagement with the artwork. The exhibition features selected jewelry items from the museum collection which are similar to the ones found in the paintings.