Korea DNA

Oct. 3, 2011 - Oct. 9, 2011

Designblok Superstudio, Prague, Czech Republic “Korea DNA” presented by the World Jewellery Museum at the Prague Designblok’ 11 Superstudio seeks to open a dialogue and an investigation on the subject of cultural identity and representation. The eight invited Korean artists and designers participating in the exhibition explore the nature of the identity paving unchartered paths of creativity of its past, which drives the new cultural forms of visual representation. They investigate their role as artists by opening up the cultural icons of Korea’s heritage and giving relevance to our time. They ask thought-provoking questions about the possibilities of how art and tradition evolve in response to contemporary social concerns and issues. These makers have emerged at a time when the old boundaries between creative disciplines are blurring and through their exceptional work, they explore the overlapping and in-between domains of art, craft and design. “Korea DNA” is part of a series of international exhibitions that the museum has been organizing since 2010 which includes “Lovers from Prague.”