Lovers from Prague: Czech Jewellery

Oct. 6, 2010 - Dec. 30, 2010

The World Jewellery Museum presents “Lovers from Prague: Czech Jewellery,” the first major exhibition in Korea to explore the significance of Czech jewellery as one of the important European design movements of the twentieth century. The 100 works of jewellery featured in the exhibition represent the rich jewellery heritage of the Czech Republic by presenting a visual dialogue between the Czech garnet jewellery and the contemporary designers Svatopluk Kasaly, Eva Eisler, Pavel Opocensky, Stanislava Grebenickova and Petr Dvorak. The iconic works by these five designers bear witness to both the time and place of their making and testify these artists’ deep commitment to artistic freedom of expression. The aim of this exhibition is to strengthen the bond of friendship and deepen cultural ties between the Republic of Korea and the Czech Republic. “Lovers from Prague” Czech Jewellery, organized jointly with the Embassy of the Czech Republic, is curated by Elaine Kim, Deputy director of the World Jewellery Museum. The exhibition runs from 6 October-30 December 2010.