The Art of Plastic

Nov. 20, 2007 - Dec. 30, 2007

Jewellery has always acted as a spokesperson for a particular culture in which it has embodied. It has a broad-range of vocabulary, which includes natural organic materials, gemstones, metals, and animal by-products. With the introduction of the first plastic in the late 19th century, the plastic jewellery industry had come of age by mid-20th century. Today, as plastic jewellery collecting continues its revival, so many of us are still bewitched by the dazzling colors, intricate designs and configurations, and bright and shiny patina. This exhibition presents a wide-ranging collection of costume jewellery which chronicles our social history, illustrating woman’s changing role in society and changing attitudes about femininity and self-worth. It also features Lea Stein, one of today’s most widely recognized names in modern 20th century plastic jewelry.