[ Rings ]

Sculptures in space, rings have lent themselves to the boundless plays of their creator’s imagination. The endless variety of materials and the symbolism connected with rings represent the theater of life. During its long history many of the functions such as sealing one’s love with a ring or as a form of credit card have been recorded. The role of the ring to signify the transfer of power and to designate an heir is mentioned in the Bible. In the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii poisonous rings were discovered. Nose ornaments of all sizes and shapes have been made and worn in northern South America since ancient times. Piercing the nose was thought to enhance the sense of smell. In India the women believe the soul stays in their body by wearing nose rings and earrings which they often wear simultaneously. Marriage is an extremely important event in prestigious Turkmen society, a fact confirmed by a matchmaker’s ring with a double hoop on the back referring to the union.