[ Modern and Contemporary ]

Jewellery created by modern artists is presented as a portable, wearable work of art which embodies the seed of the striking, stimulating world of their creators. Like a magician, the artist transposes his or her figurative and conceptual language into the dimensions of jewellery. It is conceived as unique pieces or limited editions, each piece bearing the visual signature of the artist. Traditional jewellery is a strict and structured visual language that is understood by the entire community, serving to communicate a system of beliefs and to order the social structure. Jewellery in our individualistic times no longer carries this collective symbolism embodied by traditional jewellery. Some works rediscover the sacred religious symbolism of the past while others confound and reorient our perception of the meaning of beauty. They have a lot to say and we can have the unique chance to listen to the dialogues between the artwork, the artist and the wearer.